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Intermediate Concrete Jacking Pipe


Concrete pipes are used for:
• Storm drains.
• Sanitary sewers
• Irrigation distribution systems.
• low pressure sewer force mains.
• Treatment plant piping
• Jacked or tunneled systems.
• Ground water recharge systems

Reinforced Concrete Pipes:

Pipe Wall Outer Pipe   Steel Pipe Allowable
Dia Thick. Dia Length Joint Cages Weight Force
mm mm mm mm Type No. kg tonne
1600 170 1940 2250 collar double 4740 800
2400 300 3000 2250 collar double 12900 2400

Applicable Standards:
1. BS EN 1916:2002 & BS 5911-1:2002
2. ASTM C 76 specifcation for reinforced sewer and storm drain pipes.
(Only on special requests)

International & local approvals:
• ISO 9001 registered frm.
• M.P.W Approval

Quality Assurance:
• Concrete pipe factory has an independent quality control department with a well equipped laboratory, aided by experienced staff to give the necessary backup for the quality assurance program.
• Ministry of Public Work’s staff monitor all matters pertaining to the quality of the products.
• A certifcate of compliance is issued for each production. reinforcement
• Storm drainage pipes DN 250 to 600 mm are not reinforced as per B.S. standard.
• DN 700 mm and above are reinforced.

• Joints of normal concrete pipes are of spigot and socket type with an elastomers ring.
• GRP / HDPE lined sewer drainage pipes have in wall flexible joints with an elastomeric ring.

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